Wind Runner Z v1.66 (Mod Apk)


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Wind Runner Z

Wind Runner Z v1.66 (Mod Apk) Windrunner has come back with new user feedback!
50 million running mates! Windrunner Z Season 3 UPDATE!

Download now and run with your friends

# What is Windrunner Z?
▶ An adventure story of six cute characters to reclaim a spiritual stone with a mysterious power from a crow!

▶ Run game first! 4 real-time Run
Enjoy the championship with friends, rewards and fun!

▶ Exciting special mode!

▶ Chloe and friends upgraded to high quality!
If you run a trendy map together, you will not get bored! Run Now! Run!

▶ Six unique bosses with unique personality
Challenge your boss to attack with various patterns!

▶ Windrunner Z Official Community

# Windrunner Z Official Cafe

# Windrunner Z Official Facebook

# Windrunner Z Customer Center

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MOD MENU // Remember to allow overlay/draw over other apps permission on android 6 and higher. if the menu doesn’t show close the app from the background and open it again.

1. Invisible (you can go through traps/obstacles without being knockdown)
2. SuperSpeed (Run a little faster)
3. Magnet Always Active
4. Gold Bonus Activated
5. Score Bonus Activated
6. No Added Ads


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