VMate Video Downloader APK 2.68 for Android


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With the increased popularity of social networking these days, graphical arts and messages such as photos and videos are becoming more and more ubiquitous. While photos capture a single moment, there’s one thing that they can’t do is to capture an entire length of time through the lens of your camera: Something that a video can only do. Which is why video editing apps have been rising in popularity following the upward trend of social networking sites.

VMate is one such video editor. Surfacing later into the boom of social networking apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. Still, VMate still packs quite a lot of features for you to consider having it as your main-line video editing app on your smartphone.

Now i have to admit that since I shoot video professionally, this app isn’t something that I would normally use to record (Or even edit) my videos. But if you’re someone who does it casually and mostly for social networking, then this is probably one of the most comprehensive video making suite out there.

The first thing I ought to mention is the video shooting. You will be presented with a traditional recording interface and function that would allow you to record a shot and immediately import into the app for editing. While it still lacks manual recording functions such as ISO settings, EV, focus, e.t.c. Overall, I can’t really expect more from it – and once you begin using it, you definitely shouldn’t expect anymore than that. If you wish for fluent, film-grade shots, you need to find another one that could do the job.

The most interesting thing about VMate is definitely its editing suite.

While, once again, it is not something that I’d tamper in, but I can find myself resorting to it for quick, uncomplicated editing works on the go through my smartphone. The app contains a host of filters, stock effects, and free background music for you to link up all of your shots into a comprehensive video. As long as you have imagination and an idea, the product you can actually achieve with this app may surprise you. However, if you’re someone who has considerably higher standards in quality, it is best that you return to more professional editing programmers on computers both for higher function, but also for quality. The editing suite, while usable, can only be used for casual purposes, or for emergencies that demand you to produce a video instantaneously.

The bulk of the editing work that you will do on the suite will be handled by the filter gallery. These filters are color presets that would grade the tone of your footages in accordance to their settings. And depending on how you want your final video to turn out, you will apply them suitably. In good hand, they can seriously turn an amateur video into something much more. Especially when they’re blended in conjunction with the myriad of video effects that VMate is equipped with. While they’re not fancy or flexible, slow-motions, back-in-time, fast-forwards, e.t.c. Can be used effectively – once again, in good hands. In short, the app packs all of the tools necessary to bring out the prettier tones of your footages without touching the more complicated works editing a video might entail.

All would be accompanied by a library of musics: From Bollywood, to Hollywood and more. You can pick whatever background songs that you would like, and it would have your video’s audio potential realised quickly.

But I’m forgetting another aspect of VMate: It is a social networking site all in itself. You would be able to upload your works into a network filled also with video makers and story tellers alike. They can comment, like, and share your work just like you can do the same to theirs.

VMate also packs challenges for its content creators. You would be able to participate in contests, and should you ever find yourself winning one, instant rewards will also followed.

Interested in taking a shot? There’s really nothing stopping you from getting the world and your audience to see through your point of view. The only thing left is a scene to shoot, and a story to tell.


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