5 Best and Free Video Editing Apps for Android


Looking for free apps for video, for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any other platform? Here is a list of the best 5 apps for your Android phone, which allows you to easily capture and edit video. This video editing software is free. You can download these video editor apps free from play store.

There are many who make millions of dollars by making videos for YouTube. Even there are some popular channels on YouTube, who will be surprised if you hear income figures. There are several videos in the video that are made with mobile phone apps. In this post, we will discuss the best 5 video editor apps for your Android Phone.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android

1. Action Movie FX

Action Movie FX
If you want to make your normal video in Action Movie Styles with your handset, this app is essential for you. You can add any action movie style sound, including a ‘missile attack’ with your filmed general video, or a bomb blast or vandalizing any car or aircraft, Spider Strike etc. This app is not so much difficult to use. The app’s interface, with setting and navigation, is made so easy that any child can create a great video with this app, it will be able to add great sound effects, add sound as you wish. Thinking about movie lovers, this app has been made by Hollywood movie production house in Hollywood.

2. Hyperlapse From Instagram

Hyperlapse From Instagram
These apps, which can hold continuous 45-minute footage, are particularly important for its easy functionality. When you open Hyperlapse, you will only get one option; And this is the recording. If your hands are shaking for a long time while taking video footage, then these apps will be most useful for you. Because this app has a feature called ‘In-house stabilization’ which will shield your footage from shaking while your handshakes. You can upload videos from 1x to 12x ranges on Instagram Facebook, or YouTube.

3. Vine – Video Editing Mobile App

Vine – Video Editing Mobile App
The famous Hollywood movie director Andy Warhol gave a promise that anyone who wants to be famous in the future will only be able to do this for only 6.30 seconds to 15 minutes. This word was made in front of Vine. This is a funny video making the app that gives you the opportunity to share 6 seconds to 15 minutes of video looping and sharing online. But if you think that the video shot in this app will last for 15 minutes, then make a mistake. Business Insider published a list of 30 such people who have become famous by making this video with this app and earning significant amounts of income.

4. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio
Stop motion studio gives you the option to create a great Video by creating photo motion and combining your images. And there are also options to add any kind of background to the video, even more with your own audio description.

5. Video Editor For Free

Video Editor For Free
Many people find it very popular app. This app is more popular because it is fast and easy to use. Not just video shooting, this app lets you cut, merge, add background music, and do all kinds of editing.

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