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TapDemons v5.3.6 (Mod Apk) [introduction to the game]
Click the devil is a subversion of the traditional click to place the card card lianzuo collection material upgrade shenji Boss off equipment hanging machine mobile game.
At present, this game is still being updated and optimized. If you have any ideas and Suggestions on the game, please leave a message in the comments, or add QQ players to discuss 1 group: 454060651 (full), 2 groups: 807457998, and you will get benefits if you enter the group.

[game story]
Five hundred years have passed since the last time the demon king was sealed, and people have lived in peace and quiet during this time.
According to the epic, something big is going to happen today… A young man of brave blood gazes into the sky. He has trained the arm of the unicorn, the last of the brave, to deal with the demon who is about to wake up!!!
Suddenly,, dark clouds, thunder and lightning! Don’t… The devil is coming to life???
Brave eyes with a little excitement, the brain is also constantly flashing the hard training picture, thinking that their hard before finally not in vain! Roar at the sky: “come on!!! Devil!!! My unicorn arms are already thirsty!!!! ”
After a while… It just rained… The brave man lowered his head and tore up the epic, chanting “MDZZ”.
After another 500 years, the blood of the brave has already disappeared in history, when the devil finally woke up…
The earth is shaking!!! The sky becomes turbid!!! The world without the brave will face a disaster!!!
The devil’s revival makes the originally quiet and peaceful world change… Become… Hi!!!
What the demons didn’t expect is that the unicorn arm is no longer a last word, but a popular skill that young people must have in their nine-year compulsory education.
The earth was shaking and boiling… The time has come for the whole nation to fight against the devil!!! Our unicorn arms are already hungry!!!!
You, will become a fight against the devil, the task of saving the world in your arms, young man, pay attention to nutrition!!

[game operation]
Very simple, click on the devil to harm, put your hero to help you attack the devil.

[game features]
Saying goodbye to brainless hangers requires you to use the ability of influence flexibly.
In point kill, your heroes will be attacked and killed by monsters, so take care of them and don’t let them die.

The devil is not a fool.
The devil is also very powerful, will not stand for you to fight, it will also use all kinds of strange skills to attack your hero.

[upgrade your hero]
Each time you attack a monster, you gain experience that can be used to upgrade your unicorn arm or raise your hero level.

Urgent task
The game will be urgent task for a period of time, the completion of the task will be rewarded with diamonds.

[recruiting the brave]
You can recruit brave men to join your ranks. Every brave man has a special skill.

Hero profile
Warrior: the original output hero. Must kill skill: sword dance. Artifact skill: warcry. Artifact passive ability: bleed.
Healing hero who heals an injured ally each turn. Kill skill: light of healing (heals all heroes and removes any harmful effects from them). Artifact skill: silence. Artifact passive skill: exorcise.
Archery – output hero that can attack 2 times at a time. Must kill skill: arrow rain. Artifact skill: set traps. Artifact passive ability: four arrows.
Gladiator – output hero that has a chance to crit per attack. Kill skill: tornado. Artifact skill: dragon tiger boxing. Artifact passive ability: stuns.
Paladin – assisted hero that gives a shield effect to each attack. Must kill skill: the god descend to earth. Artifact skill: god protects the body. Artifact passive skill: anti – shield.
Mage – an output hero who summons one water elemental per turn to assist in combat. Kill: thunderclap. Artifact skill: polymorph. Artifact passive skill: increases water power.

Unlimited Diamonds
Unlimited Keys
Unlimited Wood
Unlimited Stone
High Attack


Use blue diamond
The key will not increase but increase

Install Steps:


TapDemons v5.3.6 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

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TapDemons v5.3.6 (Mod Apk) – RACATY LINK

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