Swift Black Substratum Theme 251 Apk patched latest


Swift Black Substratum Theme +Oreo & Samsung theme 251 Apk patched latest is a Personalization Android app

Download last version Swift Black Substratum Theme +Oreo & Samsung theme Apk patched For Android with direct link

Swift Black Substratum Theme +Oreo & Samsung theme is a Personalization android app made by Per Lycke & Davide Lilli that you can install on your android devices an enjoy !
Swift Black Substratum Theme makes more than 160 apps black and supports:

• Android 8 / Oreo
• OnePlus ( supports OnePlus 3, 3T & 5 )
• Samsung (supports S7, S8, S8+ & Note 8)
• Nexus
• Pixel
• LineageOS
+ option to select your favourite accent!

Supported apps list:

Instructions and important information:

INSTALLATION: Make sure your system supports the use of a Substratum theme. Download the Substratum theme engine app and the theme, open up the Substratum app and you’ll find the theme inside. Open it and select your Android version in the menu at the top. Select the apps you want to theme and hit install. Wait until all overlays are installed and then reboot. More in-depth instructions can be found here:

UPDATING: When you updated the theme from Play Store, you reinstall the overlays in the same manner as you installed them. Don’t forget to reboot after you update the overlays.

PROBLEM SOLVING: If an app stops working, you need to reinstall the overlay for that app and reboot. This is required as an overlay needs to be applied on top of an app. For exemple, when you update an app from Play Store, the overlay won’t be on top anymore. When you reinstall the overlay, and reboot, you will make sure it is again. This is just how overlays works and a suggestion is that you turn off auto updates and update your apps when there is an update of the theme. Usually we update every 4-5 days.

SAMSUNG & ANDROMEDA: The Andromeda and Samsung theme requires an extra, paid, plugin for the theme to work. You’ll be noticed about it the first time you open the Substratum app on one of these systems. For Samsung users, you must remove all overlays before updating your system to avoid issues.

ROOT is not needed for Samsung, Andromeda (Pixel & Nexus) or OMS systems. Other systems needs Root.

NEED HELP? If you need help please contact us on Telegram or by email and we will help you personally based on what system you are using. PLEASE do not report bugs in the review system as it’s much easier for us to help you by chat or email.

IF THE THEME DOESN’T WORK FOR YOU: We offer a refund to everyone who downloaded the theme but cannot use it, just email us your order number.

• Support channel (Telegram):
• FAQ:

Swift Black Substratum Theme +Oreo & Samsung theme Apk

Swift Black Substratum Theme +Oreo & Samsung theme Apk

Swift Black Substratum Theme +Oreo & Samsung theme Apk

Swift Black Substratum Theme +Oreo & Samsung theme Apk

Whats New:

v251 – Notable changes:

• Updated theme for new apps updates

Full changelog is in the Documentation.
Read the Documentation and Play Store description before usage.

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