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Shadow Fight 3 Apk Download for Android

Shadow Fight 3 Apk Download for AndroidShadow Fight 3 Apk Mod is a popular Role Playing game which has the incomprehensible force that came out of the Gates of Shadows many years ago is now an ordinary source of power. You can play this update version in online or offline mod. Just download the latest version and PLAY!

Shadow Fight 3 Latest Version Features

1. Mighty Military Tribe

Shadow Fight 3 provides you a mighty military tribe, the Legion, has its primary purpose the elimination of hazardous energy.

2. HD Graphics

Now you can enjoy modern 3D-graphics, realistic physics and animation.

3. Different Fighting Styles

It is Combined with 3 different fighting styles into your own unique way of playing and Collection tons of different weapons and equipment.

4. Special Shadow Effects

You can Use special shadow abilities, perks, upgrades and Travel across a big world map full of spectacular places and stories. Here are some user reviews

Bidyut Kapri:
I am playing this for a few months…Already I have understood that it is a very suitable game for me…Also, it is a high-quality graphics game…Moreover, it has become the world’s best to me game while I have updated it…I will not tell more words than it…Finally, I will advise all of brothers, sisters, and also my senior ones to play and enjoy such a beautiful game…

Madhav Ramini:
Hello. Chapter 7 is really good and awesome. It has new types of weapons and armors. Please also add new weapon in Dynasty faction. But one flaw – the game does not open after closing it the first time. It remains stuck in the “Nekki” loading screen. Please fix so that everyone can enjoy the game. Thank You.

Harsh Jindal:
Hey there, First of all, I really love the game… I have been facing an issue in the game. I am on Chapter VI, Last Level, i.e The Shadow Mind I can’t wait to proceed to the new Chapter VII. But I have beaten the Shadow Mind several times and then their itself the game freezes or hangs. It is happening after the recent update, I have tried clearing the cache, and have cleared all the data once and reinstalled the game but all in vain, the problem still persists. Please do help soon…

Nafis Morshed:
The storyline is LEGENDARY. The story makes me play the game. The game mechanics are kinda complex but once you get used to it, it’s easy to understand and control everything, it’s definitely good. The graphics, gameplay, and controls are very decent. The online Duel Mode is a joke by the way. The matchmaking is a joke although they keep improving it it’s still rigged. And obviously, cool gears as always. Finish Shadow Fight 2 first to get the complete taste of the story of Shadow Fight 3.

Dennis Felton:
This game is a very fun experience so far. Just reached level 2. I am currently hoping that the weapons and armor do not get “godly”. A basic truly practical deadly weapon and believable armor are what make a really good game. Keep up the good work!

Jaroslaw K:
It’s a real pleasure to play the game. Well developed and good graphics:) But at some point, you have no chance to progress if you don’t pay. Normal difficulty, in fact, is impassable and all chests give you everything but not what is needed. So you are stuck with PvP challenges and hope that one day you’ll pass the mission:) Business is business but that has actually put me off a bit.

Kshitiz Gupta:
Excellent game… Have played all the chapters and looking forward to completing chapter 7. But there is a thing that needs to be fixed here before that happens. With the recent update, the in-menu navigation has become really slow and the game freezes for a few seconds while switching between the screens. This has never been the case with the previous versions of the game and it really makes the game unplayable. Please fix this quickly so that I can enjoy the game again as ever.

Jhazzy Music:
It’s one of the best ancient fighting game. I love it more than mortal kombat for mobile. The graphics are superb.. The only thing I want that’ll make me rate it 5 star is local Multi-player!! Pls, add that in the update.. If I can play against my friend online. It’s very okay or via WiFi locally… Please I know there are a lot of people that want this too… Please work on it.. We’re waiting.

Glen Allison:
Beautiful graphics, lots of equipment/fighting style choices, lots to do and the monetization is not in your face. There is a story campaign but having not played parts 1&2 I couldn’t follow it very well. One of the most impressive games on mobile ever, the animation, style, detail, and size is spectacular.

Chef Jeffrey A Kaufman:
Always a classic. The Shadow Fight legend continues. This one is even better than the previous installments. Great piece of gaming from a great developer. Love it. Still paying SF2 along with this newest edition. Great games both. The only issues I have are the following. Matches are often very poorly matched. Many times you’re matched against players 500 to 900 points above you. Making it impossible. Gems are sometimes lost while picking free items. The storyline doesn’t keep up with abilities

Felix Romanov:
So, the graphics are amazing and the moves are pretty good as well, though, overall, my experience was pretty much horrible. I immediately had to download a large file before I could even open the game, then I had to download ANOTHER large file, the game lagged extremely hard between fight rounds, after the third fight, I had to download something ELSE. I eventually just gave up and uninstalled. My recommendation for the devs is to maybe make all this stuff one large packet, just like Shadow fight 2, so there would be more time between downloads. Yes, this would significantly increase the base download time and update time, but altogether it would provide more streamlined gameplay. Also, maybe add a “Low Graphics” setting at the very beginning for people on devices that aren’t so good?

prasanna spidy:
I love the game…. everything about it… except you cannot challenge your friends from facebook… or you know online friends… that would be really great if you could work on it. thank you.

A Google user:
Shadow Fight’s evolution is going so good. At first, it came Shadow Fight in 2001. Then Shadow Fight 1 in 2011 in only Facebook. Then the Shadow Fight 2 in 2013. After that Shadow Fight 2, Special Edition came in 2017. After all, in the same year, it came the Shadow Fight 3. The most modern, beautiful game. Its gameplay is so good. Hope that the next Shadow Fight game which is Shadow Fight 4 will be more existing, more gorgeous, more in form. I can’t wait until NEKKI publishes it.

Dylan Mantell:
Awesome Update, It is great to see that legendary equipment is getting a much-needed buff. On the downside, there have been a few glitches where I am fighting an opponent AI in the gold event and it freezes where both the AI and myself stand there staring at each other, as amusing as this is it makes me have to restart the progress every time it happens by surrendering.

Karlis Pupols:
Thanks for updating most of the pain points. Though this update does require still a bit of tuning. Some animations feel a bit too fast to be accurate. Also fights experienced freeze with the new Qatar item. Would like to see some bigger update information, seems as many things updated aren’t documented to the players (like items in the store). Also, still really hoping we could upgrade item tiers in future so you can equip 3 abilities on a common armor. thanks, bonomi mike:

Great gameplay, awesome graphics n tonnes of weapons pretty cool but I’d have to give 3 stars due to d ascension event update literally messed my game up can’t do many duels get stuck lost lots of tickets, can’t get past chapter v sip of war coz apparently it doesn’t load d final baddie same as side quest so basically all m doing is fighting online #lame# kinda gets boring. Pls, can this b rectify m tired of downloading large update files n still having the same issue? Pls fix this nid change my rating

Mack Tariang:
A 5-star game no doubt!! good graphics gameplay and storyline compared with the previous shadow fight… sadly there are still a number of bugs glitches and a duel match can sometimes be really ridiculous.. matching against opponents who are soooooo over equipped with a rating of 500..600 above your own character!! still a highly recommended game!! enjoy

Yvanny Kadima:
I loved this game. it was good quality and fast loading. Until… the update. all of my armor just disappeared after tried on a new one. I’ve tried uninstalling, reloading, and even logged out but it still won’t work. Please fix it, this was my favorite game now it’s too laggy.

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Additional Information

Mod App Download Version Varies with device
Last Updated April 20, 2019
Mod Apk Size Varies with device
Offered By NEKKI
Category Role Playing
Content Rating Rated for 12+
Mod Support Android Version Android 4.1 and up
Installs 10,000,000+
Play Store Available

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