Rebel Racing v1.35.10760 (Mod Apk)


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Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing v1.35.10760 (Mod Apk) There’s a thin line between fast and first…

Join America’s most exclusive road racing event, and take on the world’s elite drivers in high-octane, wheel-to-wheel action!

With realistic driving physics, speedfreak add-ons and turbos, epic overtakes and stunning West Coast locations, Rebel Racing brings a breath of fresh air to the mobile racing category.

Collect, customize and upgrade a fleet of real-world classics and awesome supercars, then powerslide your way to the top of the Rebel Racing tournament!

– Own supercars and custom classics
– Create fully customized dream cars
– Take on the world’s best drivers, head to head
– Market-leading graphics and FX
– Race real-world licensed cars
– Experience epic moments

Escape the Drag!
Rebel Racing
Rebel Racing
Rebel Racing
Rebel Racing
Rebel Racing
Rebel Racing

1. MOD Menu
2. Activate Nitro // Activates Nitro Boost
3. Frozen AI Enemies // AI Enemies dont Move
Note: Frozen AI Enemies may cause visual glitches that make it seem the enemy has disappeared, but they have not and you might still bump into them!


1. Only necessary on Android 6+.
2. Open the app info for Rebel Racing.
3. Go to permissions, enable: Storage.
4. Go to advanced and activate overlay/draw over other apps permission.
-> Overlay permission might be located and named different on each brand.

Install Steps:


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