PUBG Mobile Different Versions Apk Download

PUBG Mobile Different Versions Apk Download

PUBG Mobile Different Versions Apk DownloadPUBG MOBILE, this is not a game, its a battlefield. When you start playing, you’ll be totally addicted. does need improvements though. If you are being kicked out of the game when I play, download this version now. also, I just got the new update… and when you try to spectate your friend’s matches if it says you’re already spectating so you’re not sure what that means. Then you must choose this mobile version.

PUBG Mobile Different Versions Download

User Review:
honestly, the game’s pretty good, it did a very good job in simply putting the pc experience and visuals onto the mobile platform, it’s really very simple and strategic, etc. I don’t play anymore. Why? A simple reason, it’s boring. Despite all of the pros that I’ve included in this review the content of the games is simply too short to be enjoyable, it’s the same thing again and again and not much to expect for the next update making the game very boring once you play too much of it.

Archana Sharma said:
amazing gaming experience, got many features and functions in just one game, and also, got more than one map for more enjoyment, but there is just one problem that we have to buy UC in this game, there is no source from where we can get them for free, and the other option is to buy the royal pass, which also has a high price and only after buying that, we could get other prizes, like gun skins, UC, etc., otherwise, it’s an amazing experience to play this game….😁

Gietagie Naomi said:
I love this game very much but the new update kinda disappointing me because: (1) Invisible plane and parachute. I keep flying and suddenly I died without I know the cause (2) The mic doesn’t work (3) There is a lot of bugs. I reloaded the game more than 6x just for a match and it’s funny because I can’t see where my friend is (even on the map), I can’t see where is the vehicle I ride before, I can’t see where the enemy is (4) The game feels so ‘heavy’ when I play it because of bugs.

evan carbo said:
excellent online game. Just add some REPLAY OPTION so we could be able to watch the whole battle. Plus players should be able to download it to make it even more superb. All in all, it’s still one of the best online games I’ve ever played. I’ve been playing the game for more than 1 year and it was just this year when I first encountered some cheaters from Vietnam if you want proof I got some screenshots of the whole squad’s usernames. This squad was able to shoot players through walls!!

Kenneth Lam said:
Okay. I never write reviews, but this is the only exception. This game when it first came out was great, and I enjoyed the game quite a bit. But now, thus royale pass and all this crate stuff have made this game very money hungry. And if you have a problem, have fun trying to reach customer support. I’ve spent at least 3 months trying to contact them in any way possible, to ask them a SINGLE question. I even emailed them, but they redirected me to the lousy in-game service. Good game, bad support.

It’s fantastic. The only problems I encountered were lag (it’s a mobile battle Royale, what do you expect?) and… Well, that’s all that comes to mind. Aside from that, it runs well, it’s fun, yeah it would be cool if you could link it with your steam account but that’s probably not going to happen and it’s actually pretty easy. Granted, that’s due to the massive amounts of bits playing it but generally, the European servers are more human. 9/10.

uy uhf said:
BEST.GAME.EVER.MADE. It’s too good. Fortnite should be eradicated from the world and PUBG M should become a compulsory app in all phones so that people can understand what type of game PlayerUnknownsBattleGrounds is. If there was a 10-star rating, I would’ve given it ten on ten, if there was a 50-star rating…….. Well, you get the idea. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!! #RealGame #GameOfLegends

Hemanth Pilla said:
The experience is very good. I like this game because it comes with good graphics in recent times that to in android os, but due to some players this game is blacklisted and further can be banned. So I propose that play the game when you are free and when there is no restrictions and play the game in a good position and don’t forget to answer the calls they could be important. Thank you.

Muhammad Daniyal Shahid said:
I am a fan of this game and i had already installed in my laptop .i used to play I tried many times to download it on mobile but could not..I dont know why this problem is rising it says( this device is not supported and it will be included later) what nonsense is this ??? and another issue is about sound and voice issue in the game on laptop so please tell me how to resolve i watched on youtube but couldnt find a better solution

Mohammed Yaseen said:
Till the last update everything was awesome and I loved the game. Since I updated, everything got upside down. Till the game starts, everthing is fine. But after the count down, it sucks. No aeroplane, No Jump button, No parachute even somehow if we got landed, we are playing the game in another dimension. I wanted to give 1 star rating. But am giving 3, coz didn’t loved any game more than this. Hope that you’ll fix all these asap.

Shah Iman said:
After the latest update i faced problem. Game lag so much!!! I thought at first it was my connection problem, but then realize it is game issue not me! my partners also have problems and we all killed after some lag at final encounter in a game. Now i just played the game and my right controller can’t be used. i can’t turn to left or right at all. But left controller can be used normally. I stuck at that time coz cant turn left or right and just close the game immediately bcoz ANGRY!

6DOUBLE6 said:
This game looks good and runs great on my S10e. The only thing is the matchmaking could be better (Its so un fair, sometimes theyre brand new players or players far too good to beat), players should be able to use controllers and gamepads but only place them in matches with other players using them as well, and I wish there were more customization for controls. Like double tap the screen to aim, better gyroscope, and an fps counter would be nice to see in game.

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Additional Information

App Download Version 0.12.0
Last Updated April 17, 2019
Apk Size 42 MB
Offered By Tencent Games
Category Tencent Games, Action
Content Rating Rated for 16+
Support Android Version Android 4.3 and up
Installs 100,000,000+
Play Store Available