My Princess is the Cutest v8.9.1 Mod Apk


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Princess Princess is the most cute

Princess Princess is the most cute v8.9.1 Mod Apk character voice by gorgeous actors has arrived!
Ayana Taketatsu, Maaya Uchida, Koiwai birds, Yuka Otsubo, Tomoko Kaneda, such as Emi Nitta, famous voice actor beginning total of about 70 people or more ☆

★ ☆ addictive ♪ pulling puzzle game ☆ ★

■ introduction of the game
Defeat playing the monster in the pinball, it is exhilarating action game.
Kind of stage is more than 100! ♪ attempt to clear a certain stage of the trap and habit

■ frog is the hero? !
Prince was converted into a frog by the devil, it is you.
Was sealed force you, princess, must not have and can not unleash the power.
Along with the cute princess who, let’s regained peace and the original appearance ♪

■ Let’s make a party!
The world, cute princess was confined to Crystal There are many.
Rescued from the monster, Let’s make your own party ♪

■ cute princess we support the prince!
Helped princess who is pregnant with a special power, for us to strongly the prince.
In addition, during the battle reservoir forces “princess magic” activate!
Us with strong support for battle.

■ foster princess, cute even stronger!
Princess, will power up to go on an adventure together.
Furthermore, in the power of the spirit princess, also princess to more cute evolution ♪
The favorite of the princess, trying to clear the challenge more and more strongly.

■ 1 person can enjoy ♪ in great numbers in
In the same way in the world, we have a lot of prince had been cursed by the devil.
Each other customers Getting Help.
Rent a princess from the princes, let’s advantageous to advance the battle!
Of course, it is enough to enjoy specification just one person.

■ play ♪ together with other players
New feature “multiplayer” with!
This feature, and the other players are playing Uchihime at the same time
Collaboratively one of the stage is a new system that can be cleared.
Or asked to help a powerful player, or help a player just starting
Let’s enjoy the features of the new Uchi princess ♪

【Compatible models】
Android OS 2.3.3 or higher
※ Even Android OS 2.3.3 or more of the models, there is also some unsupported models. Please note.
■ member registered for
In order to proceed with this app, you will need to a membership registration.
Ameba, Facebook, Twitter, you have an ID of mixi is,
You can start the game immediately.
You can immediately register with even the fly If you do not have the abovementioned ID.

ウチの姫さまがいちばんカワイイ -ひっぱりアクションRPG-
ウチの姫さまがいちばんカワイイ -ひっぱりアクションRPG-
ウチの姫さまがいちばんカワイイ -ひっぱりアクションRPG-
ウチの姫さまがいちばんカワイイ -ひっぱりアクションRPG-
ウチの姫さまがいちばんカワイイ -ひっぱりアクションRPG-
ウチの姫さまがいちばんカワイイ -ひっぱりアクションRPG-

1.) massive dmg
2.) god mode

1.) disable dmg by having BGM volume = 0 if you wish
2.) anticheat disabled but had caused some disconnection from time to time, click retry

Install Steps:
1.) install bypass apk, play through tutorial till it downloads 500+ data files
2.) close game, install modded apk
3.) continue play

Weak Enemy


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