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Get ready for another incredible shooter title for Android devices in the latest installment of the famous Modern Combat series from Gameloft. Enjoy the next-gen shooting gameplay with Modern Combat Versus: New Online Multiplayer FPS. Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


You and several characters find yourselves caught into a strange game, where you’ll go against each other. Gear up with the most incredible weapons from the future and take on different approaches to the game. Enjoy a completely different FPS experiences that aren’t like any game before.

Modern Combat Versus


Here in the world of Modern Combat Versus, players are introduced to a completely different world where everything is possible. With advanced gears and equipment, you can try out different tactics and approaches to the game. Find out more about the amazing features here:

Exciting and competitive team gameplay

For those who’re looking for games with exciting multiplayer battles where you and your teammates can co-op and go against some of the toughest opponents, Modern Combat Versus is definitely a worthy title. It comes with incredible 4v4 online multiplayer matches where you can play with gamers from all over the world. Don’t waste even a bullet as you lead your team to the victory by winning against other teams.

Modern Combat Versus

Explore unique in-game characters

Currently, the game already features over up to 17 different characters which we usually called “Agents”. These heroes are specified in different fields and will have certain advantages as well as disadvantages during battles.

You can unlock them and select the ones that are suitable for your playing style. Make uses of your unique powers and abilities as you lead your men to glory. Choose your favorite characters and unlock epic boosts for them.

Awesome Clan system

Here in Modern Combat Versus, players are allowed to participate in the Clan system where you and your clan mates can join in epic clan battles. Claim the first place for your clans and you’ll be rewarded with incredible prizes.

To be in a Clan, you can either create your own clan and attract new players to join in, or simply apply for one of the existing clans in the game. Either of which, make sure you spend time contributing to the clans to make them stronger.

Modern Combat Versus

Host your own tournaments

In addition, to make the game more mutual, players can create their own live tournaments, in which they will have their own personal lobbies, audiences, and of course, prizes. Gamers can choose to participate in certain tournaments so that they can compete with players from all over the world and test their personal skills.

Enjoy 6 different maps

The game has already featured 6 different maps, each with a different approach to the game. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the lack of diversity in this game. Plus, there are also new maps being rolled out with every update. So gamers will be continually introduced to new experiences that are completely different from the previous.

Modern Combat Versus

Prove yourself in the rank systems

And if you’re confident about your skills and want to look for more difficult challenges. The Rank system is certainly a great choice where you can test your capability with gamers from all over the world. Join each other in exciting ranked matches and win against your opponents to climb higher in the table.

Complete a ranked season in high places and you’ll be promoted to a higher league where you’ll be facing even tougher opponents. In addition, you’ll be rewarded with huge bonuses that are more to prepare you for the next season. So fight and gain your glory as you progress further into the game.

Design your own characters

For those who’re looking to make their characters stand out from the others, Modern Combat Versus allows you to access tons of different customizations. Here you can design your own characters with unique cosmetics, gears, and accessories. Make good uses of them and play in styles.

Modern Combat Versus

Simple and intuitive controls

Despite being an FPS game on Android devices, the game features relatively simple and intuitive touch controls. In addition, with the pickup and play feature which allows players to comfortably collect the items and weapons that are dropped on the ground, players will likely to experience satisfying gameplay with Modern Combat Versus.

Free to play

For all the FPS fans out there, if you’re looking for an epic shooter game, in which you can truly enjoy the gameplay, Modern Combat Versus is the way to go. And surprisingly, despite all the incredible features that it offers, the game is still free to play. So you shouldn’t be hesitating and download this game right away.

Modern Combat Versus

Visual and sound quality


It’s difficult to find any other game on Google Play Store that features the same immersive actions and gameplay such as Modern Combat Versus. Here you’ll enjoy the console-grade FPS graphics right on your mobile devices. Epic gunfights, realistic visual effects, and lots of intense actions, the game delivers a completely different visual experience compared to other games. And most importantly, there is little lags and stutters that could bother you while you’re gaming, even for low-end devices.


Powerful sounds effects will keep you hooked into the game as you’re caught into the intense battles with lots of actions. In addition, the game comes with realistic voiced dialogues which makes it easier to understand.

Download Modern Combat Versus Mod latest 1.15.11 Android APK

For those FPS fans who’re looking for something new in their favorite genre, Modern Combat Versus is undoubtedly a good choice. It features incredible graphics, addictive gameplay, and lots of discoverable elements, which would surely satisfy your needs for actions.


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