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Fans of the world famous franchise LEGO, get ready to be amazed by the next LEGO game of LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Enjoy your favourite LEGO heroes and villains in their own adventures. Join millions of others LEGO fans in the latest instalment of the franchise from Gameloft. Find out more about this game with our reviews.


Here in LEGO® Legacy Heroes Unboxed, players are set to enjoy another great adventure from the world’s most iconic mini figure franchises. That being said, you’ll start as many other players in this massive world of LEGO.

Collect the most iconic LEGO mini figures throughout the series as you begin your journey. Create your own team of your favourite characters and lead them to victory. Begin your journey by forming your own party and take on your own adventures.

Enjoy the exciting LEGO game as you travel back to your childhood with this amazing mini figure franchise.

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Here you’ll find all the epic features that the game has to offer:

For the life-long fans of LEGO

For those who’ve been fans of the franchise since forever, LEGO® Legacy: Heroes Unboxed is undoubtedly a great game to enjoy if you want to play as your favourite characters throughout the series. Enjoy various adventures on the latest instalment of the famous mini figure series from the famous game studio – Gameloft.

A whole new world of LEGO

In this whole new world of LEGO, players are engaged in various team battles that you’ve never experienced before. In addition, you’re also introduced to a completely refreshed gameplay, as for the first time, you can lead your teams of LEGO characters to battle various enemies in the series.

Create your team and embark your own journey

Here in LEGO® Legacy Heroes Unboxed, players will have their opportunities to collect their favourite heroes from the series and form a complete team of your own. Lead your party to the battlefield as you defeat others in epic team battles. Embark on your own journey with LEGO® Legacy Heroes Unboxed.

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Experience whole new stories with your favourite characters

As you take on your adventures in LEGO® Legacy Heroes Unboxed, you’re also introduced to completely different storylines. Experience various stories with your favourite characters in the series. With each character, players will have their chances to enjoy a new journey. Learn about the world of LEGO characters from different points of view.

Journey to the faraway lands as you go

With various characters and whole new stories to experience, players will have their chances to journey to faraway lands. Explore the world as you take on various challenges. Take up arms and defeat the enemies that are threatening your world. Enjoy exciting combats on varied terrains as you progress in LEGO® Legacy Heroes Unboxed.

Strengthen your team compositions with new characters and upgrades

With many of different characters to explore and enjoy, players in LEGO® Legacy Heroes Unboxed can create various team compositions to match with their tactics. Enjoy various approaches in this amazing game as you choose your own team compositions.

In additions, players can also upgrade their team, allowing for a much more capable team composition. Hence, you can take on more difficult challenges as well as stay in combat for a longer period of time.

Collect items to make your heroes more powerful

Besides, players can also power-up their heroes with the collectable items that they earn from battles and missions. Choose a certain set of heroes that you want to strengthen and use the suitable items to make them more powerful during combats. Hence, you’ll have yourself a more capable LEGO team than before.

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Complete challenges and achievements to earn valuable prizes

And to earn even more prizes and rewards compared to doing the normal missions, players can also choose to complete challenges and achievements to earn themselves valuable loots. There are a lot of them throughout the game so make sure you complete each of them with good results.

Enjoy the game with online players from all over the world

For the dedicated LEGO fans, you’ll definitely find yourself at home, here in LEGO® Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. With millions of online players from all over the world, you’ll have yourself surrounded by the most hard-core LEGO gamers.

Create your own team, embark your own adventure, and join millions of online players in this epic online LEGO world.

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Free to play

With LEGO® Legacy Heroes Unboxed, players are introduced to an epic LEGO world with various features to explore. And with the game being free to play, gamers from across the globe would surely have a great time enjoying it.

All it takes for you to start playing the game is download and install LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed APK file that we provide. Install now to start embarking your own journey in the LEGO world.

Visual and sound quality


The game features beautiful graphics with realistic characters and accurate visual effects. Hence, you’ll feel like you’re truly lost in the world of mini-figure heroes, whom you used to enjoy as a child. On top of that, the epic environments would make you completely forget about reality. Dive yourself in epic LEGO battles as well as enjoy the realistic LEGO natures.


Enjoy epic sound effects as you take on your own adventures in LEGO® Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. On top of that, you’ll find the voiced characters extremely intuitive. Get ready for a truly immersive sound experience with your favourite LEGO heroes.

Download LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed 1.1.15 latest Android APK

LEGO® Legacy Heroes Unboxed is definitely a great game to meet the expectations that have been given. Follow your favourite LEGO characters as you embark their own adventures and experience various gameplay. In addition, together with millions of online players, you too can have your chances to get socialize with communities of LEGO lover from all over the globe.


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