King’s Raid v3.89.5 (Mod Apk)


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King's Raid

King’s Raid v3.89.5 Mod Apk  Game Features
[Realistic Actions
Action is sincere enough!
The feast of different skills heroes unfold unfold!

[Diverse content;
Fight alone is still not satisfied?
So we have prepared! True dungeon, strengthening, nurturing, competition, all the
It can be found in the King’s Raid.

King's Raid
King's Raid
King's Raid
King's Raid
King's Raid
King's Raid

MOD v2:

1. MOD ON/OFF Config File
A txt file in your storage that let you choose the active cheats you prefer.

2. God Mode
You don’t take any damage.

3. Weak Enemies
The enemies are kindly disarmed. They don’t have any resistance and cannot block your damage.

4. Enemies Low HP
You can kill them with one hit without doing high damage.

– Do not use cheats in the tutorial & raid!
– Load the cheat you want before you start the game.
– The MOD Menu has been replaced with a config file. How to use this will be explained right after this.

1. Android 6+ it is necessary to enable the storage permissions in the app settings first (or the file will not be generated).
2. On first start the game will create in your /sdcard/ location a  folder with the King’s Raid FREE.txt inside.
3. The default settings on first start are:
– God Mode=ON
– Weak Enemies=ON
– Enemies Low HP=ON
4. Open that file with any editor and change the mods to what you like.
5. Save the file to apply the changes.

Important: If you stuck at downloading ingame data, please use the [signed] FOR DATA DOWNLOAD ONLY.apk first and install the mod apk after download done over it like an update.

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy


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(Other Version MOD UPTADE Cooming Soon)


1. invincible
2. Weaken the enemy


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