Hero Factory v2.1.5 (Mod Apk)


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Hero Factory

Hero Factory v2.1.5 (Mod Apk) Churn out heroes from your factories to defeat powerful bosses!
Earn gold to expand and diversify your hero production lines.
Equip stronger helmets and weapons on your heroes.

Hero Factory is a fun and easy-to-play idle RPG where you use heroes you have mass-produced in factories to defeat monsters. Upgrade your factories with the gold you’ve earned to send even more and even stronger heroes to the battlefield.

Download now and start making heroes!

★ Hero Factory Features ★

* Variety of Hero Types
Swordsmen, Archers, Mages, Axemen, Lancers, Gunners and many more.

* Strategically Choose from Various Skills
Use powerful skills to achieve victory in battle

* Strengthen Your Heroes
Go on vacations to increase your heroes’ stats

* Tile-matching Minigame
Merge enchant stones to upgrade your weapons and helmets

* Exciting Adventure
Rewards await you throughout your epic journey

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Hero Factory
Hero Factory
Hero Factory
Hero Factory
Hero Factory
Hero Factory


Mana is not wasted;
After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod with the ability to enable rapid level increase .


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