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Clash Royale apk download latest version

Clash Royale apk download latest versionClash Royale is a very popular Strategy game for Android devices. It was built from the creators of Clash of Clans comes a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite Clash characters. This Apk mod latest version has unlimited everything, that will make you happy and help you to win the battle.

Clash Royale Latest Version Features

1. Special Free Upgrade for Attack:

In this special version, you can Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells and defenses you know and love, as well as the Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons and more.

2. Unstoppable Defense:

Now Knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents and win huge Trophies, Crowns and glory in the Arena of clash royals.

3. Duel player Options:

It has Duel players from around the world in real-time and takes their Trophies to help you win the war!

4. Unlimited Free Rewards:

Now you can easily Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones.

Here are some user reviews:

Griffin Haag:
This app is wonderful. I have been playing it on and off for over 3 1/2 years now and have reached Challenger 1. The ranking system is very good, creative cards, and an amazing interface. The only in-app purchase is gems which are optional but help you out a lot to get very good chests or upgrade your cards faster than with gold. I would rank this as the best game on the app store, and I’m coming from Clash Of Clans, another one of their games that I played for two years or so and loved.

David Silva:
I have to say that I like the game, but I think that it has turned really unfair to play it. The players that are putting money in the game are having a big advantage on the ones that are not paying. The developers are pushing big to players to spend if you want to win or advance. If you buy a chest, it doesn’t assure you get cards from the characters you are using. I think the idea is everybody to enjoy the game and not only the ones that pay; if so then there is no reason to play. I want to play against players under the same conditions, not against the ones that have preferences because they spend money.

It really is a fun game, I’ve been playing it for a year now and I still love it. Only bad thing is that the matchmaking sucks, you come up with a brand new deck and it gets countered right away. Hopefully, with the new April Update, everything changes.

justin velez:
good game but match winnings should increase by the arena. the higher up the better the earnings. also, allow the same level to play that level alone. a level 9 should not be playing a level 11. or a level 8 playing a level 10. it’s not fair and highly uncompetitive.

Wonderful game but seriously supercell you need to fix this. I go into a game and the game lags every time. The match is slow to open and as soon as I am in the game I have already lost a crown tower or two. I love your games but please fix this.

Chris Abacan:
It’s a great game and an okay community. The devs are always seeking to improve upon gameplay. However, there is an issue with the game freezing and kicking me, especially in the middle of a battle. That’s what keeps my rating from being 5-star.

Alfredo Andrade:
Clash Royale is an excellent game that takes up your free time. It’s challenging when vs other competitors. Issues I see is that leveling up is not quick enough unless you pay for more gems and coins.

Malachi Zeitner:
I used to love this game, I’ve played it for 2 years. the big problem is the people you play within 2v2. I’m at 4500 trophies, and teammates constantly just quit. People need to be penalized for giving up. you guys can give big rewards all you want, but I’m not going to keep spending time and money on this game if it is so irritating trying to play for fun games just to get chests. what a joke.

Tyler Hartless:
firstly I love this game, I love how they have made it so that you get rewards while going up in your arena but I think they should make it better by putting more game modes in there that’s not for the player that is at a high level in this game l, this could make the game much better.

Noah Lal:
One of the best games out there! very addictive! very engaging! Art – 5/5 Gameplay – 5/5 Functionality – 5/5 Internet Connectivity – 4/5 – Sometimes the opponent already starts the match and this annoys me. Some cards like Golem, Mega Knight and Royal Giant are OP. Other than that overall this is a fantastic game.

love it! fast games, fun to upgrade cards and learn new strategies to defeat opponents. also great to be a community with others and work toward common goals in wars. Could be a little faster to upgrade for free but if you want to spend the money you can upgrade much faster.

The Hunter:
I use an older phone, it’s about 8 to 10 years old, and before this game ran perfectly. I was never really a pay to play player, and would only really buy the arena chests, but every time I go into the shop, the second any amount of a chest you can buy pops up, the game crashes. It’s frustrating if I try to go to the shop, especially since I started a new account. Please look into this, it really frustrates me!

Super Creeper games:
GREAT GAME! This game is fun because it has all the things a game needs, in-game purchases, fun, multiplayer, Clans, and you could even just show off your cards and compare them with a friend like baseball cards! this game is a lot of fun so you should get it! Even the in-game purchases are used to help you, not just change your looks or emotes, (I’m looking at you, fortnite) so if you want a fun game this is your game!

Rathan Acharjee:
Wonderful game! I liked it especially the way the cards are designed is glorious. I am a user from Assam, India and is very glad to get the opportunity to play and will surely advise others to download. Hope there will be much more changes and it would result in the best.

Justin Gibson:
five stars all the way I’ve been playing this game for I would say close to at least 5 6 years I lost my old account unfortunately when I lost my old phone but the great thing about the game is they are constantly adding new achievements new characters new mini-games new objectives the game never gets old because they continuously make it better plus matches they can put you on the edge of your seat they get so close amazing game amazing effort put in by the team of creators A+ 100%.

It’s a good competitive game that most people will enjoy. You can climb up the leader board which can be globally or nationally. Overall it is a fun competitive game and I recommend you guys to download.

RedMage Gaming:
This game is great! Best SUPERCELL game of all time! Great graphic design and imaginative gameplay. I love all the different cards and how they have certain abilities. My word of advice is to definitely to try and get the prince and the baby dragon.

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Additional Information

App Download Version 2.7.1
Last Updated April 15, 2019
Apk Size 87 MB
Offered By Supercell
Category Strategy
Content Rating Rated for 7+
Support Android Version Android 4.1 and up
Installs 100,000,000+
Play Store Available