Boom Beach MOD Apk Download + Free Unlimited Coins + Diamonds

Boom Beach MOD Apk Download + Free Unlimited Coins + DiamondsBoom Beach Apk mod latest version is a popular Strategy game where you must Fight the evil Blackguard with brains and brawn in this epic combat game. This updated version has unlimited coins, diamonds, everything you want. The offline version is very cool. Just Download this special version and ready to play!

Boom Beach Latest Version Features

You must create a special task Force with players around the world to take on the enemy together. This game has:

1. Strong Opposite:

You’ve to play with millions of other strong players, raid hundreds of enemy bases for loot. All the players have a strong base, guns, etc.

2. Control your Upgrade:

The battle for control of precious resources to upgrade your base against enemy attacks and save your kingdom.

3. Blackguard Bosses and evil plans:

This game has face fearsome Blackguard Bosses and uncovers their evil plans. So you can Explore a huge tropical archipelago and discover the mysterious power of the Life Crystals.

Here are some user reviews:

ooka *:
so much fun!! great game for when you have some time on your hands! easy to learn, and the strategy of this game is incredible as you can target your troops to attack any building you want, or you could send a barrage of missiles at that building! the only thing I dislike is having one builder, and having to pay monthly for another one. overall good game😀.

John Imber:
Great game, on it for 4 years! After maxing, starts to get a little boring. In an out of TF groups because players start losing interest in the overall game. I occasionally have spent $ on instant troops and have bought diamonds a couple of times over the years, glad to support an awesome game. Raising the level cap would be the best choice IMO, WS addition takes way too long to train troops and really isn’t that much fun because of that. I play and spend more when it’s fun.

Isaac Vidal:
This review is honestly to let you guys know what’s going on (Boom beach Devs). I love the game but this is to let you guys know that I’ve been experiencing this bug on the new warships update. It’s saying that to refill my warriors and tanks it will take 416 days and the so on hours minutes and seconds. This is denying me of pushing when I run out of reserves on my other troops and it’s a weird bug. Other than that the game is fantastic.

Experience, is great BUT on the Warship part it has been twice that I finished FIRST, But the enemy gets it, he got the Victory, but when I destroyed the last Engine I’m seeing it gone then his side, it has happened to me twice in the last 24hrs😠. Staff can yall tell me what’s going on???

Baby Girl:
I love this game! but the Battleship we will lose a fight when we actually won. if there is another way the winner is determined then plz we want to see. if this is fixed I will change to 5 stars. love this game so I hope yall can fix it.

Daniel Hyman:
I absolutely love the warships update. except for the abundance of bugs not only in warships but the main too. none are as irritating as the timer not working on the chests, especially when they are your main source of upgrade tokens besides ranking up. My next major issue is that your progress this bug ridden season will affect you in the next. Don’t get me started on the cheaters who have magically completed the tech tree when i remember being told that most likely you won’t reach the end.

I’ve been playing Boom Beach for about 3 plus years now and liked it, for the most part, play it daily and until recently found it interesting. The warship feature is a disappointment for several reasons. Also, I’m prompted to update more than once which is a time-consuming pain. The game is getting stale and I understand why so many others are giving up on it.

Will Chewning:
Well done boom beach developers. All you managed to do in this one shot at reviving the game was an attempt to push that instant troop subscription on us. No one wants to wait for 40 some minutes to start another battle on the warships. Really anticlimactic when the game is dying out and we’re forced to choose between long wait times or expensive subscriptions.

orion olson:
I like boom beach. I’ve played it on and off for a couple of years. but the new warships update is fun(broken but fun) I think its a better change in pace for the game. yet the hooka and bombing engines strat is too strong it makes games only take 45 seconds to a min. plus for some dumb reason, you are limited to how strong you can get by the level of your normal base. so I’m stuck at a point with no new unlocks and close to 300 unlock tokens. fix these 2 problems to make it a better game.

Destroy HD:
I’m very happy with this game. Usually, I really hate Supercell games like Clash Of Clans and Brawl Stars and will ignore them. But when I saw this on Play Store, it really caught my eye. I’m having so much fun. But I only wished that more gems could be found in chests.

Randy Bren:
Have been playing BB for 5 years and love it. However, with the Warships update, it is saying it will take 414 days to train troops. this is in one of 3 bases I have, with the other two working properly, so it is not an issue with the app, but only one ID. Any ideas?

Josh Zuppo:
really like the game especially now that if my phone breaks I can still have my game saved and upload to a new phone. I have had 2 of my other phones in the few years that I have been playing this game and before I would have to start back from level 1 …. not anymore. also really like how new weapons are always being created and the game its self is always getting better . the creators did a great job.

Natures Calling:
Been playing BB for five years and now that they brought in this warship to the mix, it actually made me want to STOP playing even BB all together. make these games fair play for all players. watch how much real money you spent with these folks because the 500 plus I spent DID NOT GET ME ANY FURTHER IN THIS GAME.

Craig Clement:
I really enjoy this game. The only one that is on my phone. I especially enjoy the new Warships mode. Great update! Keep up the good work. Only thing I noticed is lag occasionally on a victory even when the enemy has retreated, been defeated, or I beat them on time. Never lost any victory loot so I’m still good.

Marcus Brooks:
I love the new ship battle addition to the game only problem I have is I win the first five matches level up everything like I’m supposed to and then can’t win nothing have lost the last 15 in a row for no apparent reason and I’m stronger than at least half of those.

Earl D Spicer:
I love boom beach, I’ve been playing for 3 yrs now. I think this ship battle new update is stupid and not thought out. I wish I could remove it from my game.

Daniel Cronk:
The game is fun I wish clash of clans had the same features such as directing your army with flares.. but sometimes when u direct them they go glitchy and run through what you try to escape but other than that I wish there was the revenge feature for someone who attacks you. I personally haven’t found it if there is I would like to know how to find and use it.

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Additional Information

App Download Version 37.81
Last Updated April 18, 2019
Apk Size 101 MB
Offered By Supercell
Category Strategy
Content Rating Rated for 7+
Support Android Version Android 4.0.3 and up
Installs 50,000,000+
Play Store Available