The Best Music Player App for Android in 2019


To listen to music on the Android phone, there must be a music player. By default, a music player is installed on the device. But the default player may not be satisfactory for many times. In this post, we will talk about the best seven music player apps for Android. Each Android “Google Play Music” Set as the default music player. But there are many more music players.

Best Music Player App for Android

Many music player apps can be found in the Google Play Store. But all of them are not that good to use. Here are some of the details about music player apps that you may like. So let’s know, about the best 7 music player for android with the equalizer.

1. BlackPlayer

BlackPlayerA simple and elegant music player app is Blackplayer. The app works on tab structures. If you wish you can customize tabs. This allows you to use whatever you want. BlackPlayer apps also have widgets, Music scrobbling, ID3 Tag editor and the most used music file support facility.

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2. jetAudio HD

jetAudio HDJetAudio HD has a lot of features as a good music player. This makes it popular for Android users for a long time. Because of this player’s audio enhancement plugin feature, you can “tweak” a little more than your music experience. Simple effects such as Base Boost with Equalizer, Tag Editor, Widget and MIDI playback are one of the features of this JetAudio HD app. Without any hesitation, you can use it as one of the best music player apps.

3. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkeyIn the Music Player app, this app is “Dark Horse”. In this app, there are organizational features tones with the ability to sort songs by audiobox, podcast and music artist. Also, it contains basic elements like Equalizer. This app can sync the music library from your computer to your phone.

4. Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music PlayerThere are many essential features of this app, which makes you feel better. This app has features like Equalizer, Tag Editor, Embedded Lyrics, Widgets, Folder Browsing. If someone wants a music player that does not have the added features of the need, then it could be one of the best music player apps for them.

5. Neutron Player

Neutron PlayerIt includes 32/64 bit audio rendering engine, Which is (According to developers) the independence of the Android operating system. The app helps to make the music sound better. This app has many features including unique file type support, built-in equalizer etc. There are also timer set options in Neutron Player App.

6. Phonograph

PhonographOne of the best new music player apps is Phonograph. This player has the classic and Material design UI features. If you wish, you can change its theme. With tag attributes, playlist features, home screen widgets and some other features you will get “” integration. As a result, phonograph automatically downloads additional information about artists.

7. Poweramp

PowerampFor the Android users, this music player app has long been on the favorites of the music player application. Here you will find Widgets, Tag Editing, and more customization settings. Poweramp has many playback features. In which gapless playback, including cross-fade, supports a variety of playlists.

You must be familiar with a music player when you listen to a song. You have to choose the music player app through which you can easily adjust your favorite playlist. Here are some of the top 7 music player apps in Google Play Store. So do not delay to download your favorite music player.