Ark Knights Jp v0.9.01 (Mod Apk)


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Ark Knights Jp

Ark Knights Jp v0.9.01 (Mod Apk) A real tower defense game from Yostar and HyperGryph!
There is not only one strategy! Create your own strategy by making the best use of the characteristics and skills of your friends.
Experience an unprecedented tower defense that combines gameplay, storytelling and design!

▼ Enjoy a wide range of strategies!
The goal is to place operators with various abilities on the battlefield to prevent the advancing enemies from breaking through the defense line.
Various factors affect the battle situation in real time, such as the location of operators, the characteristics of each person, and how to combine classes.
Everything is up to you, and there is no single strategy!

▼ Many unique characters have appeared!
Operators of various races full of individuality have appeared. They are friends on the battlefield, but in private …
Maybe you can know more about your favorite child by increasing the reliability? Voices by gorgeous voice actors are also a must-see!

▼ Not just battle! Enhance your base!
You can freely arrange furniture and interiors to customize the room, and you can obtain various items useful for operator training from various facilities built in the base.
However, you can enjoy watching it, you can arrange the facilities so that you can get items with maximum efficiency, you can visit the base of your comrade, and the way to play is infinite!

▼ World view
Unidentified minerals that began to appear shortly after natural disasters of unknown origin occurred all over the world- “Originium”.
With the development of technology, the energy contained in the source stone <Originium> began to be utilized by industry, and civilization made a dramatic progress.
However, at the same time, existences called “infected people” began to emerge all over the world.

Infected people carry a great deal of power, but they are considered to be horrifying people that can spread the infection, and people hate and persecute them.
Some untreated victims did not like it and rebelled against bringing new order to the world.

In the midst of such confusion, the medical institution “Rhodes Island” was set up to solve all the problems caused by infected people.
When you, the brain of Rhodes Island, awaken, the world will start to move.

▼ Gorgeous voice actors will appear! (In alphabetical order)
Azumi Asakura, Atsushi Abe, Yuka Iguchi, Shizuka Ishigami, Yui Ishikawa, Asami Imai, Maika Iwami, Kana Ueda, Airi Otsu, Ayaka Ohashi, Ai Kakuma, Kageyama Lantern, Mayumi Kaneko, Hisako Kaneko, Ai Chino. ,
Ayako Kawasumi, Kengo Kasai, Akari Kito, Yurika Kubo, Tomoyo Koshimizu, Ami Koshimizu, Katsuyuki Konishi, Chikazu Saito, Ayane Sakura, Takuya Sato, Risa Shimizu, Asami Shimoda, Ryoko Shiraishi, Shiori Sugiura,
Chihiro Suzuki, Minori Suzuki, Ayaka Suwa, Mie Sonozaki, Daichiha, Rie Takahashi, Natsumi Takamori, Susuke Takeuchi, Rika Tachibana, Azusa Tadokoro, Atsumi Tanegasaki, Risa Taneda, Yumi Hanamoru, Saori Hayami,
Yuko Hara, Nana Harumura, Yoko Higasa, Daisuke Hirakawa, Ryo Hirohashi, Ayaka Fukuhara, Saki Fujita, Ayu Fujimura, Kaori Mizuhashi, Hope Yamamoto, Midori Yuki, Kana Yuuki, Routine and more !!

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1. Increase damage
2. Improve defense
3. No skill consumption


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