Top 5 Best android video converter Apps 2019


The quality of the video is improving as technology improves day by day. HD, Full HD, 4K video quality is nice and more clear. But with video quality being improved, the size of the video is becoming larger. To solve this problem, Android Video Converter apps that reduce the size of the video by changing the format will also keep the quality of the video.

Considering the phone’s storage and video quality, it becomes difficult to keep your favorite videos on the phone. If the quality is high, the storage will need more space, and if the quality is poor then it is not possible to see it better. In this case, the video format needs to be changed and this requires a video converter app download.

Best video converter for android 2019

If you want to keep enough video on your phone, considering the quality and storage both, you must know about the video converter apps. There are some video converter apps for Android, with which you can reduce the size by converting video. In this case, the quality will not be lost, be sure. So let’s know about the best 5 video converter apps for Android.

1. Video Dieter 2 – trim & edit

Video Dieter 2 - trim & editThe app can easily set up video quality and resolutions for output video. This app has great features with the user-friendly interface. This allows you to trim unwanted portions of the video. Video Dieter 2 can add background music to any video. Additionally, you can quickly share video via email, YouTube and other applications. This app also allows you to capture any video at any moment.

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2. Video Compress

Video CompressIt can easily convert any video to low, normal and high quality by Video Compress app. Again, you can share converted video to the app with WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, email and more. These features have made it unique in the list of Android Video Converter apps. The Video Compress app supports almost all types of video formats. A copy can be made while working on the original video. If you want to compress any video again, it will also give you an option to remove audio. The compression ratio is increased according to the length of the video.

3. Vidcompact

VidCompactThe newer video converter app is Vidcompact. Which has multiple functions and at the same time it supports multiple formats and faster video convert and compression. The audio frequency can be easily changed through the app. The big advantage of the app is that when it converts videos and shares to Facebook, Google+, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other places, the video is adjusted according to the platform’s requirements. With video converter as well Video can be edited in different ways.

4. Flip Compress

Flip CompressThis video converter supports multiple video and audio formats. This app has low, medium, high and custom mode features. This allows you to check them in various forms. With the app, you can trim a certain part of a movie and convert it. In addition to the video converter’s parameter settings, such as modifying video codec, changing frame rate, changing resolution, changing bitrate. Also, audio parameter settings, such as audio codec modification, audio-bit rate change, changing sample rate and changing the number of channels can be done through this Android video converter apps.

5. Video Compressor And Cutter

Video Compressor and CutterThis is a great app for video converter. Through which you can convert video to different formats. You can open, share, rename and delete compressed videos. You can also monitor compression progress through its notification bar. Apart from the original format, users can easily trim a video.

Here are all the Android video converter apps that you can easily convert any video into different formats. It also allows you to convert from a specific part to trim. Can add audio or music. As a result of converting, device storage will be saved. With the app, you can convert video to reduce the video size but the resolution will not reduce. As a result, the converting video will be stored on your phone without having to take extra memory. As a result, you will see a favorite video in good resolution using less storage.